Gems Mine Cheats in Toon Squad iPhone

TangoMe has a combination of the match-three puzzle game and the MMORTS or city building game that is wrapped in Toon Squad where you build a base then attack the other base for resources.

toon squad walkthrough ios android

Once building your base, you will really need specific requirements to do some upgrades
Early on this game, you can try to upgrade any random thing, or whatever it is that you want to upgrade
In the mean time, go to the requirements list right below and follow any links to what you need to upgrade.

Always remember to keep your residences and your team centers upgraded, so that you will be able to maximize the space in your squad, and the amount of power that your active team can have at a time.

In line with this, you can use your laboratory to merge any of your unwanted toons into your rare toons in which it will make them more powerful.
To deal with the more powerful players, you can use rare and legendary characters as the cornerstones of your active team.

When going to the battles with enemies, the striped piece and the rainbow piece will clear a line and clear a whole color, respectively.
At this point, you can combine two of these pieces together to get the massive effects and tile-clearing.
Anyway, if you can mix two rainbow pieces together it will clear everything on the entire board.

On the other side, just always pay attention to the element of you and your character.
Fire will beat earth
Water will beat fire
Also, before starting to battle with them, be sure look at your opponents stats to learn how much damage per tile that they do with each element.

As usual, this game will come along with currencies in form of cash, oil and gems or diamonds, the premium currency.

In order to earn more gems for free, just join a squad.
Moreover, you must also complete the given achievements that will give you some free gem as bonus.
To get them more, you can clear space for more buildings in your base.


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