Gems Mana Orbs Cheats in LINE WooparooLand iPhone

Line Corporation has launched their newest game called LINE WooparooLand game where you will be able to combine some types to create new and rare Wooparoos.

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In this game, you will do activities such as raising Wooparoos, building your village, and social elements.

When it is about to raise Wooparoos, you can use summon stones at the Woopacross to summon Wooparoos then send summoned Wooparoos to a habitat that will match the Wooparoo’s type.

You will also have to build your habitats for your Wooparoos to live in, and farms to produce food for them.
In line with this, you can place buildings and decorations around your village, or sell them.

This game also comes along with social elements where you can connect this game to facebook account then you can exchange gems, special seeds, and boosters with players on your Friends list.

On the other side, Wooparoos here can make Mana Orb that will be useful to expand the hidden land and to fill your Wooparoo Land with buildings and various decorations.

Later on, you can collect and raise Wooparoos through Magicross where you can combine different types of Wooparoos and create more than 20,000 new variants.
As they grow, they can change their cute looks and produce more goods

You can then summon Wooparoos with summon stones from the store
you can also get such stones from the Woopacross, and then summon them at the altar.

Be sure to level up the altar or wait until a Wooparoo finishes summoning and place it in a habitat before summoning another.

There, you can get summon stones from either the store or from the Woopacross or Magicross then upgrade the altar up to level 4 and you can also use gems to shorten a Wooparoo’s summoning time.

Wooparoos all have one or more elemental types, such as Forest, Earth, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Water, Wind, Star and they can only live in habitats that correspond to their types.
Certain Star Wooparoos can also evolve, and produce gems once they do.

After growing food at a farm, you can then level up your Wooparoos by feeding them.
Here, Wooparoos in higher level can produce more Mana Orbs.

Your wooparoos will also need food in form of strawberries
To plant this food, you must have farms that can be purchased from Store
Then, you must upgrade farms to increase the amount of food which you can harvest at a time.

Furthermore, you can upgrade a habitat by tapping on it and pressing the Upgrade button at the bottom of the screen.
Upgrading habitats will increase the number of Wooparoos so that they can hold and their Mana Orb capacity.

Meanwhile, if you want to finish a summoning or building fast, just choose a summoning or building that is in progress
At that time, just tap on the Finish Now button to display a pop-up window showing how much time is left.
In that window, just press the OK button to complete the summoning or building early using gems.

In line with this, gems take a vital currency to speed up any process in this
Mostly, you can earn those gems by completing certain objectives available on this game

Once getting enough gems, you can use them at the Woopacross to use the Luck Up feature
By doing so, you will get a chance of summoning a limited or Star Wooparoo.


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