Gems Keys Cheat in Candy Blast Mania Christmas iPhone

TeamLava presents its game in this month that is candy blast mania christmas where you will match collect candies in the delicious puzzle adventure of a Winter Wonderland

candy blast mania christmas crystals walkthrough iphone android

You will then go through some exclusive new Levels while collecting scrumptious Chocolate-covered Strawberries for a delicious dessert

In this holiday-themed match-3 puzzle game, you will deal with the grinchy Gummy Bear King and his friends that are going to ruin the Christmas celebrations of the Candy Kingdom
It is the time, you and your friends must act to stop him to do their action

In doing your action, you can take an advantage of the bonus multiplier that you can do by making a match, so that neighboring candy pieces will gain you a bonus.

In each level, you will see a number next to the candy, like a two or a three.
Looking at this, if you match those pieces, they will be worth as many piece as the number says.
But, you must be careful as the bonus only lasts for one move, whereby if you cannot match them, they will revert back to normal candy pieces

Later on, matching four candies at the same time will give you a sweet spot that looks like checkered green tile spots.
You will get a +1 bonus all over the board if you can match on these tiles
As an illustration, if you can match the blue candies over the sweet spot, that blue candy on the board will be powered up
Here, you must do it carefully, as if you do not match them immediately, the candies will revert back to normal.

You can also try to get a sugar blast tile, by matching candies in a “L”, “+”, or “T” shaped fashion
When matching candies on top of them, make sure to activate and shoot out a beam in a cross formation, as well as matching all candies in the process for clearing out small sections of the board.

You can also get the ultimate Candy Wand or Candy Scoop as a booster, that you can do by matching five candies in a rainbow tile.
If you match candy on top of this tile, all candies of that corresponding type on the board will be immediately matched in which it will be great when you need a lot of a single kind of candy.

Furthermore, you will be able to earn rewards by completing challenges in some levels at the bottom of the screen before you start them.
Anyway, completing them will provide you a key, then if you get 5 keys, you will open a chest full of power ups.
Occasionally, you will be challenged to download a separate game, such as the ones that require you to get a certain amount of stars on a level.

In addition, this game features gems as the premium currency that you will be prompted to purchase them in the iap store
Usually, every time you have completed each level, you will be rewarded with high score and gems
For such reasons, just try to make some combos moves with the booster you have in order to accomplish each level


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