Gems in Age of Warriors The Frozen Elantra Cheats iPhone

Age of Warriors: Frozen Elantra can be categorized into a new RPG, in which it features werewolves and werebears fighting creature.

age of warriors the frozen elantra gems strategy guides

Throughout the game, you will be assigned to build a collection of heroes and weapons, as well as questing through the single player modes and playing against other players to see who has the better team.

In line with this, how you organize your team is a big part of the battle.
Here, your tanks and melee fighters must be placed in the front
Then, your archers and mages must be placed in the back.

After placing them in the right position, make sure to pay attention to where enemies line up and where you line up your own heroes
It is very important as with a good layout and strategy, you will be able to hit multiple enemies at once, as well as maximizing damage and minimizing your own loss of health.

Furthermore, you will have to collect iron ingots as you complete battles.
Then, you can upgrade your equipment to add to your total might, so that you will easily beat tougher players in the battlefield.

In order to use less ingots, it will be the best to upgrade all of your equipment to the same level at the same time
As an illustration, you can upgrade everything to level 2, then level 3 etc.

On the other side, if you are getting stuck because you are having trouble on a difficult stage, you can go to the last few stages that you have beaten, then beat them again and again until you get more ingots and other goodies.

Next, you can go to scrolls and other elements which will be useful to craft new equipment
Here, try to keep enough ingots around so that if crafting a new piece of equipment, you can upgrade it as soon as possible.

Furthermore, you are able to try to keep your battles in 2x mode in this game.
Battles are fully automated here, and you will find no point in taking them back down to single speed
And, you will also find the special attacks for each of your heroes which will also be done automatically.
At this point, just heal in between battles when being in this stage.

In addition, if you want to get some free gems, all you will have to do is to connect Facebook and invite your friends to the game.

Meanwhile, every time you have completed other quests in the game, you will automatically get some gems for free
Once collecting enough gems, make sure not to spend them to power up your crafted items
Otherwise, just save them then add them up for better purchases.


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