Gems High Score Cheats in Let`s Go Rocket iPhone

Cobra Mobile Limited has come to the apple store with their new debut that is Let’s Go Rocket Ultimate Endless Space Adventure, a new endless flying game.

lets go rocket walkthrough ios android

Seemingly, this game is a kind of an insanely challenging endless vertical flyer, where you must fly your rocket as high as you can
In the mean time, you will also have to avoid all of the many obstacles that end up in your way, and collect all gems to be used to get new ships, namely miami rocket, flyer rocket, classic rocket, ufo rocket, retro+ rocket, lunar rocket and gold rocket.

For such reasons, in order to get a ton of gems fast, you can do the gem bonanzas without waiting for the timer to cool down by setting the time ahead on your phone.
In order to collect more gems for free, all you will do is to watch every free advertisement video.
Anyway, all of these add up slowly over time to the point where you can earn and save up a large number of gems.

With gems, you can get new rockets, then equipping a new rocket will change the look of your rocket, and you will see the appearance of all of the obstacles change.
This often even includes the size of the obstacles, and a there is a small performance benefit to having a rocket that makes smaller obstacles appear rather than larger obstacles.

All of the obstacles will be the same from rocket to rocket, so always stay alert of what is coming next to you.

In order to make your rocket execute small movements, you can simply tap the screen instead of holding the screen down constantly as doing this will be easier to control where it is going.

On the other side, holding the screen rather than tapping it will be very easy to accidentally smash your rocket into one of the obstacles above you.
And, doing small taps will make easy to see it and stop your rocket first.

Except collecting more gems, you will also be vying to get scores as high as possible
As said earlier, all you will do is to focus on what is coming next and do small tap rather than holding the screen
If you can do so well, you will be able to get more gems and high score as well


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