Gems Gold Cheats in TrainStation The Game on Rails iPhone

Pixel Federation with TrainStation The Game on Rails game will take you to be a real businessman in locomotive where you will be brought to build stations, create and manage a fleet of locomotives and explore the history of trains from the earliest days to modern times.

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Along the game, you will be able to explore the largest collection of steam, diesel, electric and maglev trains, exciting themes, while having a good time in over 300 challenging achievements and story-based quests.

Here, you can choose over 1000 locomotives from steam legends to hypermodern trains and build the station themes of Western, Orient, San Francisco, London, Berlin, Venice and many more

The main objective here is to transport passengers, mail and various materials and improve your station to be the most popular among others

In the mean time, you can also do business with contract partners and get involved in fascinating story based quests

This game will also feature gold and gems as the main currencies that you must collect along the quests
In line with this, you will have to collect profit from a train in that you must firstly need to unload it.

To do this, just tap on the wagons and you can dispatch the train by tapping on the locomotive.
Afterward, you can tap on the cargo wagons to unload them and get some Materials.
Next, you can then tap on the locomotive to dispatch the train.

In order to get some more materials, you can try to send your train on a journey in that the shorter journeys will be more effective

As said earlier, gold is a kind of currency in this game and you will be able to earn it by constructing buildings to generate passengers then transport them to certain locations.
Once collecting enough gold, you can purchase a locomotive in the Shop and construct a passenger train to make more gold from it

Besides, you must also get gems by completing certain objective in the quests
If you have enough gems, you can purchase all sorts of things such as some items to construct your station and locomotive.

On the other side, you can also earn Mail that you can do by picking up parcels at my station then transport it with Mail wagons to collect more Gold.
Moreover, you will also be able to get more profits from Express Trains.


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