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Final Fable from IGG will give yo a chance to gather up your favorite fables as special trading cards then you will be brought to explore more than 100 immersive and thrilling stages which are full of rewards while creating your solid team consisting of hundreds of fairy tales

final fable walkthrough ios android

At the beginning of the game, after you have entered the game and finished the tutorial, you will be rewarded with some items as initial steps

Also, you must look for giveaway codes on their Facebook page then give your refer code located on the bottom of your avatar menu to new players that will be your way to get a bunch of rewards.

Along the game, you will need to level up your characters that you can do by going for some quests
Just try to do RIFT’s as much as possible after finishing your daily quests while aiming for the heroes you need more shards.

Here, you can also claim one Chaos Tome for a chance to get 3 star hero that you can do by completing the Normal Story Mode.

Next, you will go to fight the Arena NPC’s for some extra energy.
To level up your hero in this game, you may need to focus on the tips in the story mode, and you must also look at the enemies you will face and build up a team to counter it.

Once going through normal story mode and getting some items from that mode, you can then go to Elite Story Mode
Every time, you do an action in this game, you will need a lot of synergy and combos
In line with this, you should look at the combo menu of each hero to see which one they will perform better.

In the mean time, you must try to analyze and learn what your skills do and combine a team to synergize a strategy such as, Fast Attacks, AOE Damage, Tanking or Critting chance.

As usual, this game will take gems and gold coins as the main currencies
To get more gold coins, you can try to run the Conquest and Goblin daily

If you have enough gold, be sure to purchase special items in the special shops Galeria and Tree.
These items will really be helpful when you go for the quests available on this game

When being in the process of getting through the quests, you will not need to accomplish the daily conquest quickly.
At this point, you can finish and reset in the next day to play again without paying any gem for it.

You can also do trial as much as possible to get the items and to choose a sub element and promote Heroes.

Be sure to claim your mine items within few hours as it will be gems or any items to collect.
In the way of getting some more gems, you can try to reset a talent every day.
Also, you will get 100 gems once you have won as a quest as your reward.

Always remember not to use the talent on the Hero you have summoned, otherwise you can merely tap another hero and use the talent on it.

Furthermore, try to avoid using Auto Batle and Auto Deploy, since the A.I will not do the things as you like.
You can also get Sapphires that you can do by sending a mercenary to help your friend’s conquest.


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