Gems for Special Bundle 2 in Age of Immortals iPhone

Age of Immortals from Iaendi Limited is a real time RPG for the ios android platforms which is based on team work where you will build your powerful team consisting of heroes to beat the Titans in the combat while getting a lot of rewards in form of gems and coins there

age of immortals walkthrough ios android

Seemingly, this game can be categorized into a new RPG with a puzzle twist in which skills blocks will queue up in your action bar then you will have to when to unleash them toward incoming enemies in the combat zone.

In line with this, you may think that you may wait for the opportune moment to cast a 3 block chain
Here, it will be recommended to unleash the blocks you have at the moment.
Just stack blocks when they reach the end and your queue is full, so that you can start attacking enemies in the battlefield.

Note that using up blocks will cost your heroes’ SP meters, so it will better to attack as much as you can to survive in the long run.

According to this, you can attack with 3-block chains if you get separate attack blocks in between your chains
In accordance with this, just use them individually to get them out of the way.

When performing your action in the game, some heroes especially for melee ones have area attacks so always watch the timing when using your skill blocks
Anyway, for some heroes with ranged attacks, you may not have to worry about timing for those heroes.

Early on the game, you will play with a starting hero Aldross with regular skill Thunder that can make him whirlwind slash around, while damaging all nearby enemies.
He has also his special skill called Shield of Courage where you can use it when he gets optimum range and some enemies get around him

Besides, you will play with the Shaman with Guardian Heal skill to sacrifice his own HP to heal an ally hero with the lowest health.
Make sure to always bring him in your team, as his healing can make you survive in the long run.

On the other side, every time you can complete all of the daily quests before they reset you will get a free 3 star to 6 star hero.
Such hero will really be useful to build up your team for free

To complete the level, make sure to clear out of the Infinity Tower to get new heroes as reward.
And, when friends summon you as an ally in battle, you will get honor points used to get the common hero pack form 1 star to 5 star hero.

Gems can be said as the premium currency of this game that you can get for free by leveling up heroes to their maximum level
Moreover, completing every single mission and achievement quests will reward you with gems.


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