Gems for Rare Cards in Brave Cross iPhone

Brave Cross form Seasun Corp can be categorized into RPG that is specially designed for mobile platforms, the iOS and Android.

brave cross walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is merely to build your own team consisting of five heroes
Later on, you will have to equip them with weapons and armor
To make them stronger, you will have to upgrade them and repeat that action again.
In line with this, you will have alternative ways to upgrade your heroes in this mobile RPGs.

To get the weapons, you will get the materials to make them.
At this point, just check Hero menu and tap any character avatar in a red dot next to it
It means that you have something new to equip such as weapons which is ready to be enhanced or evolved.

Then, you will have to clear out all of the red dots in the heroes menu
In the mean time, you can go with the strongest party there

Besides, you will also have to complete certain missions for rewards
In accordance with this, you can replay the old stages and tap the instance raid to complete the old battle fast.
Because of this, you will gain massive amounts of lord experience and hero experience this way.

On the other side, you will have up to 99 challenges to be used for raids per level
Also, you can use up those challenges on one level, then go to the next level and use them again

Meanwhile, you can unlock the rest of the game fast by raiding in more ways
Here, you will also get certain experience levels, a different level for each portion of the game which you unlock.

For further, you must also upgrade the equipment for your heroes as high as you can
To do this, you will really need coins and you will also get a lot more power

Gems or diamonds are the premium currency of this game
You will get gems for free by completing quests and achievements

With these gems, you can purchase one of the rare chests for a high chance at earning a three-star or above character in the store.
Moreover, you can also level them up to be the strongest one

When unlocking the arena, it is possible to get a high ranking with a fairly weak team just by fighting against the right opponents in the same level.
Be sure to look at the team power levels rather than the team ranks when you are about to enter an arena so that you can win big prize there.


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