Gems for Premium Pack in Mabinogi Duel iPhone

Nexon has presented Mabinogi Duel which is a kind of trading card game on the App Store
This game is seemingly made with extremely addictive and of high quality suitable for mobile screen.

mabinogi duel walkthrough ios android

Early on the game, you will be tasked to complete the campaign and read the story as you will be informed with the tutorial about a gameplay mechanics and general tips
Besides, you will also get a chance to get plus cards and other rewards to win

On the other side, you will have to learn your skill by playing in the AI where you will find the perfect balance between attacking the hero and the cards in the game

When playing against the AI, you can place high defense cards in front of its heroes
Be sure to anticipate the game ahead and plan your moves to defeat all AI opponents at ease.

Always consider to level up the stats of your cards, as this will give you some extra resources
When running out of cards, you can revive some of the cards to get some Health Points.

In order to get extra resources, be sure to play all available cards before drawing new resources
Meanwhile, you will also try to complete the daily and draft missions to get the great rewards

Later on, you can continue your journey to play in one of the multiple Arenas and win the amazing rewards to build your deck there

During there, you must try to win as many games in a row as possible to get the great bonus
Just do it before you quit the game to increase the number of potential wins by your defenses controlled by the AI.
Also, by winning the game, you will get extra points.

In the way of building a perfect deck in the game, you can start checking out your cards and bring in the ones you consider the most useful

In accordance with this, think about single or double-element decks which are considered extremely powerful for the right cards

At the same time, you can mix and match three elements and try to keep numbers as even as possible
Here, try to combine 4 cards for each element

You can also get two really powerful and high value cards from one of the elements
Then, combine the other two with lower value cards.

Always consider to find a balance between support and action cards such as healers, boosters and bombs
Make sure to bring actual warriors and place them in front line.

You can also get both high and low value cards, cheap fillers for charging fast and high value, solid cards then play once to get the resources and level them up

In addition, you must find a flexible deck, then take your new deck and try it on the Cat Merchant
For further, you can play in the missions and the Arenas to get new cards.

When doing so, just look out for new cards and look at what is working for your rival and what is not working for you
In the process, you will find some cards to replace and you will get an awesome deck to count on throughout the game.


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