Gems for Power ups in Hyper Swiper iPhone

Hyper Swiper from Happymagenta is a kind of a new endless swiping game made for ios devices
Here, all you will do is simply to kill the aliens for coins

hyper swiper walkthrough ios android

With the coins you have collected from the game, you can then use them to purchase some power-ups to deal with bigger and stronger aliens in the next levels.

Early on the game, swipe back and forth will be your main activity to play this game
In line with this, if you swipe in circles, it will make attacks happen fast.

At this point, you will not even have to swipe it too fast
Besides, you can try to do circle swipes slowly or at slow speed
If you can do so well, you can deliver massive attacks toward enemies rapidly
So, just tap to attack for more actions and coins

As said earlier, you will be able to use your coins to get some power ups
According to these power ups, there are two different types of power-ups such as the weapons and the armor.

The weapons power ups will increase the attack power of all of your swipes.
And, the armor power ups will drain energy from the aliens without swiping them. Generally, you will get the best bang for your buck by concentrating on leveling up your weapons and purchasing new weapons.

Later on, you will also get coins even if you set your phone to never sleeps
At this moment, you can still kill aliens endlessly for as long as you want for more coins

Coin are the main currency that is easy to get in the game
To get this gold coin, all you will do is to beat enemies as much as you can

Gems or diamonds are the premium currency that is hard to get
You will get gems once you can complete missions successfully

Alternatively, you can also get free gems by watching a promotional advertisement in the game
With the gems, you can use them to negate the pirates when you spin because they can drain 90 percent of your attack power for a couple minutes

Or, you can use your gems to double the attack and coin boosts that you get.
After playing this game for a while, be sure to go to the missions menu indicated in the star button
At this time, you will have missions that have been cleared and you will get rewards form doing it

Furthermore, you will deal with a tough boss as the way to earn a bunch of coins and gems if you can beat it
Moreover, defeating boss in the mission will level up your weapons and armor
Thus, prepare some useful power ups to beat them for having more coins


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