Gems for High Score and New Balls in Twist Ketchapp iPhone

If you often play any endless game on mobile, you may try to play Twist, a new endless tapper game developed by Ketchapp that you can find on the iOS and Android markets.

twist walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game can be said as a 3D twist on the Red Bouncing Ball type of game, where you will control a rolling ball from one platform to another
When doing so, you will have to jump it at the right time so that you can guide the ball to the next platform in one piece

Later on, jumping it too far before the edge or jumping it too early will fall off of the platform.
Thus, just watch out to misjudge the distance
Also, you can take a spill and fall off of the platform, which will end up the game

Gems here take a role as the premium currency of this game
In order to get those gems, all you will do is to play the game and complete each stage safely
if you can go farther into a level, you will get more gems

Alternatively, you can also get these gems by tapping the Earn free gems button popping up every so often online
Once seeing that button, just tap it to watch an and video
Each time, you have watched that video, you can get your gems as a reward.

With enough gems you have got, you can use them to get new balls and new platform colors.
These new platform colors will make it easier to see everything going on within the game
However, these platform colors can do the opposite and decrease contract.

Anyway, you can still see a preview of all of them, so that you will see what color they will be before purchasing them.

On the other side, by playing this game more often, you will get a chance to gain high score
So, try to play this game in daily basis to get the best score

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