Gems for Franchise in Tap Smiths iPhone

Tap Smiths from Tiny Titan Studios can be said as a fast paced tapper RPG or new clicker game for mobile platforms where you will race the clock to craft swords, armor and other items

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You will then collect new Smith characters such as Agent Smith, Bat Smith and Dark Lord of the Smith and rare Smythical characters with unique abilities

In this game, you will play as a blacksmith crafting weapons, armor, and other goods for the shop owner to sell for coins.
In line with this, if you craft items quickly, you can a huge coins, iron, gems and other goodies such as blueprints for new items.
Be sure to upgrade your blacksmith shop

When finding new blueprints and having one upgrade to the smelter, you can unlock them with the iron that you collect from each round.
You can get coins form uncommon and rare items
Then, try to upgrade your common items to get more gold

Later on, the shopkeeper will price what you have crafted and give you coins and gems accordingly at the end of each round.
So, just squeeze a few more coins out of him by tapping him before moving onto the next crafting moment
Besides, you can usually tap on the shopkeeper about five times to get extra coins as bonus.

On the other side, upgrading all of your various items such as hammer, anvil, bellow will be important before moving onto a different upgrade level.

When dealing with other players online, make sure to add much power to your hits by upgrading it.
If you have more power added to each of your hits, you will take the less hits to craft an item.
Make sure to upgrade the fuel, as if you have more fuel, each round can go longer.

In order to continue the round, just tap on the video button to watch a video
Moreover, you will get gold or iron as a bonus by doing so
You will also get chests as a bonus, containing gems
Thus, consider to pick the chest there.


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