Gems for Colossal Pack in Descendants iPhone

Disney has come to mobile along with its newest game called Descendants
In this game, you will be brought to play with Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos and more of your favorite VKs and AKs for a wickedly fun adventure

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You can also create your own stylish avatar, complete magical quests and unlock new locations in order to be a legend at the prestigious Auradon Prep

In the beginning of the game, you can start missions when you have full energy
All missions in this game will get you to tap the screen to fill up the meter with shields

If you manage more shields to fill up before the time expires, you will get your Legend meter increased in automatic

On the other hand, if you manage to get all the shields before the time runs out, you will be able to complete the mission automatically
So, always come back to the game once your energy is full.

Sometimes, you will do a lot of pointless travel from a point to another
In line with this, be sure to learn that the scooter taking you to the other areas is at the School Entrance and everything else is a few taps away.
Here, you will be informed to where you have to go to reduce the random wandering around.

During the game, you can try to tap on all the objects scattered on each scene as they will give treasures and goodies to collect.

To keep your relationship with the others, you must help the people in the school
It will be a kind of a mission to complete, which will take you to be a Legend.
But, always make sure to have some energy when starting a mission which will make you complete it

When trying to complete missions, you must plan your shield gathering in such a way
At the same time, you must also spend the least possible energy to fill your meter up.

As an illustration, completing a task which takes 6 energy will give you two full shields, which will be in form of 4 pieces
Meanwhile, completing a 2 energy task will give you 1 full shield in form of 2 pieces.

Therefore, you can start to go for the 2 energy ones rather than the 6 energy ones since you save two energy every 2 shields

Always dress up well by changing your wardrobe and style as often as possible
You can spend your hard earned coins to unlock some wardrobe items that will give you a different look during the game

As usual, this game will take gems as the premium currency
You can get those gems by completing missions as bonus rewards
Once collecting them, you can use them on something useful or you can unlock new mission with them

By the way, if you want to unlock new missions, you can apply the time lapse cheat
In accordance with this, just go to your phone`s settings and set the time forward by 60 minutes
And, you can also use this trick to get your energy filed up fully.


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