Gems Crystal Coins Cheats Dragon Land iPhone

Dragon Land from Social Point is a colorful and bright 3D platformer game for the ios and android platforms where you will guide Blaze the Dragon to rescue your friends from an evil new threat and unlock new abilities to go through the various levels.

dragon land walkthrough ios android

This game also feature stunning levels, evil bosses, challenging skill features and a multiplayer mode
Along the game, all you will do is to jump, dash, climb and glide your way through every episode then unlock new dragons and master different skills which you can use to beat the boss

Early on the game, you will start with one dragon and use it to rescue friends from tough bosses by jumping on all of them without landing.

If you can manage to do it, you will be rewarded with a combo bonus
This combo bonus can increase the amount of coins that you get from defeating them.

Later on, just stay alert of large groups of enemies and beat them with one sweep
You can do this by performing a double jump which will be refreshed every time you stomp on an enemy in that stage

During in your journey, make sure to take time and explore the level.
In the first world, you will get each level where you must find a gem there
Gems here will function as the premium currency that you can get for free by exploring in the level

Also, you will explore the second world onward levels which has crystals in them.
Here, you must find keys to open secrets that will guide you to unlock the next world

Besides, you will also have to collect gold coins which will really be useful to upgrade your dragons
since upgrading the dragons will increase their stomping power and maximum health which will be handy to deal with the bosses.

In line with this, every level will come along with a recommend health amount
And, if you try playing the level without reaching it, it will warn you.

On the other side, you can play in the level once you have sufficiently upgraded your dragon.
To level up your dragon, all you will do is to beat a level

Later on, after completing the first two levels of world 2 in the game, you can now unlock quests offering bonus levels

Generally, these levels are short, which can be mini levels that contains a bunch of coins in them.
If you can complete a quest level, you will collect another bunch of coins.
So, just try to do these to farm more gold coins for free

Meanwhile, you will also be assigned to collect crystals which you can use on the gifts shrine.
In accordance with this, you will have two shrines, a normal one and a super one
These shrines will give you potions, coins, and other goodies which you can use to equip on your dragon.
So, always consider to use your crystals on the gift shrine for more valuable items


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