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Gaea Mobile Limited has presented Ace of Arenas as a free to play Mobile MOBA, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, where you will be brought to fight together with friends, making a formidable team to beat your opponents and take over their base for glory and resources

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Later on, you will have to level up and power up your Champions or heroes in the game, ranging from brutal warriors to powerful mages.
Each of them comes along with a different role and different abilities then it has unique talent tree.

Talents can be used in combination with gems, so that it can turn a weak into a devastating powerhouse, then it will turn from a slow, cumbersome tank into a lightning fast killer.

The talent tree will feature 5 different levels with three talents for each level
Once, your hero have learnt a new talent, you will get star rating increased simultaneously.
At this point, if a champion has learnt a 1 star talent their champion will be one star.
And, if a champion has learnt a 1 start talent and a 2 start talent, their champion will be two stars, and etc.

To teach the Champion talents, you will need talent stones which you can get form the chests or PVP battle rewards.
You can also change the talents with diamonds or gems that can reset your champion’s talent tree and regain talent stones to relearn different talents.

At the beginning of the game, you will be guided to move your hero, in which you will simply move your finger around without taking it off the screen to move around.

Then, tap the ‘Attack’ button on the right hand side of your screen to pick a target and attack them.
You should also swipe the attack button up to switch between enemy champions or down to target creeps and buildings

Lanes are the roads connecting your base to your enemies’ base
Minions are units spawning from each team’s Core in which they will always follow the lanes towards the enemy base, while attacking enemies along the way.

Furthermore, every time you beat any enemies in the battle, you will get Coins to be used to purchase powerful items to power up your champion.

Along the way, you may see turrets, which will guard the lanes and it will attack any enemy units getting closer to it.

In order to push further to enemy`s base, you will have to destroy Turrets, in that they are extremely powerful to attack any incoming enemy`s units

After getting closer to enemy`s base, you will see cores, which is like a barrack to spawn minions
In line with this, if you see them there, you must attack to eliminate it that will be a key to win the game and get your victory

On the other side, you will need gems to maximize the starting power of your champions.
According to this, you can get gems by purchasing them in the store, or winning them from chests.
Also, you can get an Amethyst by combining or reforging gems.

Gems are categorized into Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies and Amethysts, in which they will come along with 5 levels namely Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Rubies can be used for increasing attack attributes
Emeralds are handy to increase magical attributes
Sapphires are useful for increasing defensive attributes
Amethysts are the most powerful gems in each level, which can increase any one of the attributes that the other gems offer.
In accordance with this, they will also include three unique attributes that the other gems do not offer such as movement and attack speed, life drain and spell vamp.

Along the game, you can use a total of 10 gems at any one time.
You can fill 3 your slots with Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies, whereas Amethysts have only 1 slot.

For further, you can also mix 5 gems of the same level to make the most powerful gem.
You can also use diamonds to reforge your gem, in which you will also get a different gem with random attributes.

Besides, you will also meet credit which is considered as the currency that will determine your ranking in this game.
So, if you have higher credit, you will get higher rank.

In the way of getting Credit, you can get it through fighting with enemies.
You will then earn credit regardless of the outcome of battle.
You may also get credit through battling in ‘Vs. Bots’ mode, Match maker which includes teaming up with friends, and rooms.

In initial step, you will then get credit through playing Vs. Bots, 1v1 and 2v2 modes.
If you are in advance, you will earn credit through a 3v3 match maker to continue earning points up to the maximum of 20,000 credit.

Thus, you can level up, rank up and get everything by playing this game regularly in that it will put you on top players in this game


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