Gems Coins Cheats Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort iPhone

G5 Entertainment has a simulation game that is wrapped in Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort where you can work your stars to make fabulous movies for profit.

virtual city 2 paradise resort walkthrough ios android

To make money in form of gems and coins, you can start filming each movie by casting suitable actor or actress, dress them up.

Once they are ready, choose the best scenes for shooting
During shooting session, you should select the best lines, then prepare a poster.

Then, film critics will give their feedback that will make you get a score and rewards at the premiere launch.

Later on, you must also complete more movies to unlock new chapters, items and more.
Sometimes, you can also go to the casino to win lots of free coins.

Early on this game, you will get the boxes to win stylish fashions, shoes, accessories, hair and more.
You can also unlock more boxes, by completing more movies and increasing your total stars

To make more coins, you can go to casino in which you can also use energy to win coins, gems and more energy 

Except winning gems and coins in the game, you can also purchase more at any time.
There, you can also check out the buy center for special deals

If you go to the first casino, that consumes energy, you will then be brought to the second one that uses coins, so you can keep going even when your energy is out.
During in the casino, you can always win something in every spin there.

Besides, you will also get some items, such as fashions, shoes, accessories, hair and cosmetics that can be worn by your actors and actresses
Each of them has a style and style points with them, in which you can also have a chance to win Star items which match all styles

Every actor and actress will have 1 specialization.
And if you can match the actor or actress to a role with the same genre, you will get the Genre match bonus for that role 

Also, you can craft multiple items together to be combined into a new single item
If you can craft more items, you will get higher score

Always remember that, the items you are wearing will have a style score.
Here, you have to guess which style is required for each role.
Dressing the actor or actress with the matching style will give you the style bonus.
Moreover, you can get dual style scores in later movies

For further, you can also get some coins after every role is dressed up, in the casino and by finishing each movie.
You can dress up up to 6 styles namely Edgy, Casual, Preppy, Dark, Classic and Tough.

Then, starting VIP movie will be good as this is bonus movies for each chapter.
They are handpicked by the team so they will come along with good rewards and exceptionally fun lines
According to this, you can unlock the first VIP movie in a chapter by completing all normal movies, then continue to go to the second and third VIP movie

Every time, you have completed each movie, you will be rewarded with star total.
You have to complete all the normal movies in the prior chapter and reach the minimum star level to go to the new chapter


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