Gems Coins Cheats in Kitchen Adventure 3D Android

Candy Mobile has delivered Kitchen Adventure 3D as the #1 intensive dual-stick 3D shooter game where you will shoot some various food attacking against your kitchen.

kitchen adventure walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be equipped with some weapons to fight your way against the food monsters in which you will be given a mission to protect some animals from the food attack

Sometimes, you will also be assigned to set free your little friend from swarming evil invaders
Also, you should survive in waves of enemies, while shooting them as fast as you can
Besides equipped with guns, you will also be able to use the melee weapon to defeat the most powerful boss that will give you gems or coins, as the main currencies in this game

To play this game, you will be served with certain various modes such as defense mode, convoy mode, kill mode, survival mode, collect mode and boss mode

When playing in defense mode, you will have to protect Mr Snail from food attacks
In Convoy Mode, you will guide to convoy Mr. Snail to destination.
In Kill Mode, you will simply find and kill all enemies as fast as you can
To play in survival mode, all you will do is to survive till the countdown ends.
Later on, you will be able to play in collect mode where you have to look for chests to get all golden snails.
Furthermore, you will be coming to boss mode, where you will have to fight against the boss and win the duel with them
Every time, you get the victory dueling with the boss, you will be rewarded with coins and gems

In the battlefield, when your gun runs out of bullets or durability, it will be replaced in automatic.
Meanwhile, if you have lost too much hitpoints, you can try to dodge enemies attack for a while and you can also find a Health Kit.

Besides getting gems and coins in this game, you will also have to collect 3 stars at all stages
In order to get them, be sure to have the right weapons for that specific stage.

As said earlier, this game will feature gems and coins as the main currencies
In order to get them, all you will do is to log in the game daily, in which every time you do it, you will be rewarded with coins, gems and other rewards
Moreover, you must also complete tasks that will earn you with rewards in form of gems and coins

In related to the weapons, you will freely choose between gun and cold weapon
Gun here will have a better damage output than the Cold Weapon.
But, Gun has a limited ammunition, that will need you to save your bullets
Here, you must also try to get ammunition pickups whenever you can.
On the other side, cold weapon will have a duration, but it can be replenished over time when it is not in use.

In addition, after getting enough gems and coins, you have to purchase new weapons and upgrade them
Also, you can upgrade your both default gun and cold weapons into maximum stats.
If you have a lot of gems and coins, you can purchase the Black Viper or Steel Fork
Remember that, try to avoid purchasing Widow’s eye or Fire Axe to save your gems and coins.


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