Gems Coins Cheats in Dwarfs & Dragons iPhone

Omnidrone has come to the apple store along with their newest game, Dwarfs & Dragons, a city management game in which you will be tasked to build your fortress, raise your army and fight against the goblins to rescue the dragon eggs

dwarf and dragons walkthrough apple watch android

Later on, you will send your army to raid a goblin base for collecting their meat and gold.
Here, you will usually earn around 1k gold and meat.

Early on this game, your gold and meat storage buildings will only hold a certain amount.
Then, you must upgrade your storage buildings, then try spending your resources on something else if you are close to your cap.

Furthermore, after getting your training camp to level 3 in this game, you will be able to unlock the option to train Armor dwarves sporting two shields
Anyway, they are kind of slow and they do not deliver too much damage, but they can take strike enemy.

At this point, you can employ when taking down towers and send in your armor dwarves first to soak up the tower damage, then bring in your offensive dwarves to take the tower down in that they are invaluable to the rest of your team

Along the game, your gold mines will always produce gold for you.
Before starting to build them, be sure to scout around your camp and pinpoint their locations.
Here, you can only build within a certain radius of the camp post in the center of your base, so you must try to fit as many gold mines as you can inside the camp post’s circle.
Always move your camp post at any time and try to put down your walls manually again

On the other side, you can use your walls to barricade important structures, such as your resource buildings.
In the mean time, you can try to position towers nearby so that enemy invaders are forced to take shots while they try to tear down your walls.

Every time you try to raid the other base, try to bring the dragon spell, as it is great for setting up turrets for an easy kill.
Using this will cost one dragon egg to make, and you get 1 or 2 every time you clear a level.

Also, these dragon spells can potentially prevent unnecessary dwarf deaths, so be sure to bring it with you every time you raid the enemy`s base.

At the same time, the research time is about 3 minutes, so when you get back at base, be sure to queue it up while you work on other things.

In addition, ordering your dwarves to move to a specific point costs mana, which will gradually increase every time you use the move command.
For such reasons, just use it when you are planning specific attacks, like sending in your armor dwarves first to take out a tower that will get through enemy`s base for having more gold and food.

Moreover, every time, you successfully get your victory in the battlefield, you will be rewarded with gems as the premium currency of this game


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