Gems Coins Cheats Goat Evolution iPhone

After launching the previous game which is called as Cow Evolution, Tapps has now presented their second debut that is called as Goat Evolution

goat evolution walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will merge goats together to make bigger and ever more mutated goats
If you can do that well, you will get some coins per second than all of the little goats.

Along the game, your goats will grow from being small enough to fit on a farm to big enough to be seen from outer space
As as result, you will earn the coins from the single digits to the billions and trillions.

So, if you have bigger goat for more, you will earn more and more coins
In the mean time, you will also be able to unlock new more goats by opening the boxes popping up on the farm.

At this point, those boxes will give you the smallest goat, but if you go to the second power-up window, you can upgrade boxes
Once encountering such upgrades, you will get bigger and better goats from the little boxes with one power up popping up in that area.

Others include the magnet, which automatically merges goats together, the tractor which collect coins while you are offline, the weird berries which give special effects, and upgrades to all of these. Upgrade the time of the boxes and magnets and the chances of rare goats, and you can have a very active racket going.

On the other side, if you want to get more coins for free, you can simply set your phone while you are not playing it

In the sleep mode, you will then go to the highest level of area that you earned, and just set the phone down to get the biggest goats kept pooping up.
For such reasons, you will have chance to get bigger goat and you will earn more coins from their poops, so you can more than double your income by doing this.

Alternatively, you can also earn some coins right away from the tractor by setting the time ahead on your phone.
However, if yo are not careful enough setting the time back to normal will make the game penalize you by taking away the tractor for a whole day.
Therefore, if you want to do this trick, you can do it right before going to bed so you will not get stuck without the tractor.

Except coins, this game will ask you to get more gems or diamonds, the premium currency of this game
In order to get diamonds in free way, you can use the berries.
Here, the blue berry will make a goat to poop out a diamond if you give it to them.
Meanwhile, the yellow berry will make a coin explosion to come out of the goat.
Moreover, the red berry will make them to start pooping uncontrollably
To get more and more diamonds, you can provide a red berry to the highest goat only.


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