Gems Coins Cheats Bubble Cat 3 Android

Dream has launched a strategy casual game named as Bubble Cat 3 where you will guide some special cats to go through different magical worlds while trying to save kitties and beat the boss for gems coins.

bubble cat 3 walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will go through over 180 levels and recover treasures located in the Windmill Valley, Secluded Jungle and Golden Island

To play this game, you will shoot and match three or more different bubble in the same form and colors to cleat the levels and get points

As said earlier, you will guide some different cats each with unique ability to complete adventure while getting extra lives and coins

In the way of rescuing kitties in this game, you will be able to use aiming line, thunder ball and other props, which will be handy to clear all the bubbles on the board

Later on, each time you can complete each level and daily tasks, you will get big rewards and achievements that will be in form of gold coins and gems

In order to complete each quest, all you will do is to launch your bubble to create at least 3 adjacent bubbles in the same color to clear them in a level

To help complete your action, you will be equipped with skills that you can use to cleat the level
You can wish pool of the bubble Goddess, make which will allow you to gain big rewards once a day

Note that each skill will need a cooldown time to be used again
Therefore, you must use your skills at the right time to clear levels at ease

Pet upgrade stone skill is a kind of an item to upgrade your pet
And, you can find this since such skill will randomly drop in every level

With kitty upgrade stone, you can upgrade your cat, and this will also randomly drop in every level

Besides, small pet fragment will also be useful since this is useful to unlock pets, and it will drop one in every level.

Using small power potion will be good when you are about to restore 5 points of power for your cats
And, if you want to restore 30 points of power for your cats, you can use large power potion

Gold coins and gems are the premium currency of this game that you can get them for free during the game

In line with this, you must try to complete each given task to clear all the bubble on the board in specific time period

As as result, every time you can complete each level successfully, you will be granted with gems as your bonus rewards
Moreover, be sure to check your achievement every day as it will contain free gems to collect


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