Gems Coins Cheats Battle Spheres Android

Gtoken has launched Battle Spheres for android device where you will be assigned to clear a stage to another along the game

battle spheres walkthrough ios android

To get the most powerful creature, you must flaunt that newly evolved five star hero that you just got with your friends

Together, you can take part in the real-time Co-operative multi-player action missions where you can plow through more challenging rivals and bosses for glory and victory

Along the game, you can also catch, fuse and upgrade a plethora of epic Battle Spheres then build your ultimate team to beat all teams online
So, just try to master the 5 elements and use them in the arena to beat another for your own victory

On the other side, you can unlock the EXP dungeon of each element for 1 hour daily on this month
Besides, you must clear the EXP dungeons to get powerful EXP Spheres that you can use for Fusion and to level up your team to become the top Battler in this game

As usual, this game will feature gems as the premium currency of this game
You can get these gems in any other ways

In line with this, you can simply like Battle Spheres Facebook Page to get gems for free
Moreover, you can also get fantastic rewards when this game has reached the community milestones

Here, you can get 10 Gems if this game has 1000 Likes on Facebook
If this game has 3000 Likes you will get 30 Gems and if it has 5000 Likes you will get 1 free Premium Summon as reward

Thus, just participate in Battle Spheres Facebook to keep up with latest news, announcements and rewards

You will also have to collect some extra coins for fusion and evolution
In accordance with this, just try to capture the Money Plants from the brand-new weekend gold dungeon and sell them for extra coins
With these coins, you can evolve your heroes to be the most powerful ones


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