Gems Cheats to Unlock New Characters in Swing Ketchapp iPhone

Swing from by Ketchapp will get you to swing from one platform to the other ones in one piece
In other words, you will merely tap the screen when the rope is long enough to get into the next platform.

swing walkthrough ios android

The key to play this game is try to survive as long as possible while keeping swinging from one platform to another for collecting gems and points score
You will collect gems to unlock new characters

In order to swing from one platform to another, you must wait for your character to back up to the right distance away from the end of the platform.

Afterward, you can then tap him to swing to the next one
In the mean time, judging the distance will be important as when trying to judge the distance it will lean a little bit far.

Therefore, it will be easier to miss the platform since you stop too close, rather than too far in which it will be easier to stand on the next platform.

Since you swing more platforms and collect more points, the platform will change elevations more and more
Perhaps, this will throw off your effort to judge the distance if you are judging by length.

To deal with this, try to picture the rope itself and its distance, so that you will find it much easier to judge these distances.
And, when you see the platform to be lower, you can hit the next platform

As said earlier, gems are the premium currency of the game, which will be handy to unlock new characters.

These new characters will come along with a difference appearance, but the performance is still the same.
To unlock new characters, you can like the game on Facebook.

Sometimes, if a round ends, you will still get a free gift of gems which is based on a time interval.
For further, when seeing the free gems button, just tap it which will bring you the ad video to watch for gems

Each time, you have watched the ad video, you will earn an extra amount of gems that you can use to purchase new characters

What differ between one character and another is the background and the platforms that you will swing with the rope

Anyway, you can select and pick your character based on what background of the platform
In accordance with this, you may see that the background can be a bit too dark or a bit too low contrast


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