Gems Cheats to Unlock New Characters in Slingshot Rush iPhone

BoomBit has a new endless game, called as Slingshot Rush which seems to be one of the top game on the apple store recently

slingshot rush walkthrough ios android

Int his game, all you will do is to get as far as you can in which you must slingshot off of the walls and around corners

Each time, you do so, you will make score points while earning gems or diamonds which will be handy to unlock all sorts of new characters such as Chilly Willy, Quadropussy, Dude, Ted, Mishap, Spyro, Babe, McRoyal and Chocco.

In other words, you will merely swing around like a slingshot.
To play this game, you will simply tap to shoot and release to let it go to reach the object.

Here, you will only tap the screen to latch onto the closest connection point
If you tap it fast rather than tap and holding, you can score some free points
In the mean time, be sure to hold for a split second rather than letting off fast where you will get free 15 points or so easily.

Gems seem to be the premium currency of this game that you can get in any other way
After making a good progress through the game, you will get a free gift in form of gems
So, just set the push notifications to collect them right away.
Moreover, try to go down the middle of the track to access the best shot to get more gems
It is caused by they tend to pop up in the middle right next to a corner

Each time, you get 150 gems, you can unlock new characters at the gacha and get a random one.
Later on, you must try to collect each free prize which will give you 100 gems
To get this kind of free prizes, delete the game before connecting to Facebook, then reinstall it to start it from the beginning.

Then, if you want to get more gems, just make sure to go into the game and focus only on moving down the middle of the turns and collecting lines of gems instead of gaining high score in that level.


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