Gems Cheats to Unlock Boost Coin Dozer Pirates iPhone

Game Circus has launched Coin Dozer Pirates as the most addictive arcade coin pusher that you can play on ios and android phones

coin dozer pirates walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to drop coins into the dozer and to get the machine to push prizes out to the front of it.
Here, you have to plan your strategy to maximize your coin and prize earnings.

When performing your action, just try to drop your coins in a line of three or a line of four.
Be sure not to drop them in a line of five, because the top part of the board cannot fit that many in a row in that it will make them end up overlapping each other.

Later on, just try to use up all of your coins to set up for a big earning of coins, where you simply drop them all in the middle that will get them stacked on top of each other.

Also, you can get your coins back by applying the time lapse trick
At this point, just go to the date and time settings on your phone then set the time ahead for nine minutes per coin that you want to get back.

You will get coins in thirty seconds per coin if you are playing
And, if you are not playing this game, you will get your coins back within nine minutes

Besides, you are tasked to collect some gems, the premium currency of this game
In accordance with this, just go to the free gems menu to get gems
There, you will be asked to complete offers or watch videos to get gems for free.

In the menu, you will see the TapJoy offer walls to offer a big variety, some free, some paid, and some done by free trial.
Thus, all you will do is to watch for events for having extra coins and gems per offer.

For further, each time that you drop coins down the front, those coins will increase the coin blast meter.
If the meter reaches the top, you will have a big coin fall and go through some coins off the end and knock other coins forward.

When doing so, you will also get a prize when you can knock a prize off of the front of the dozer
Then, if you can get all four prizes in a collection, you will be able to unlock a boost

According to this, you will get coin walls lasting longer and you will get some of the coins you drop changed into silver ones.

At this phase, you will also be able to grab all of the trophies that you can do by completing coin offers there.


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