Gems Cheats to Get Rare Species in Animal Story Beach Adventure iPhone

TeamLava has launched a new animal-raising game called as Animal Story: Beach Adventure that is mainly designed for ios devices

animal story beach adventure walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be brought to explore the beach full of animals, where you will get new food in the farms and some new animals to breed.

Also, you will have to complete some quests that will give you experience points and the other rewards such as gems and gold coins.

Later on, if you want to get experience points and coins, just build something in form of habitat and farm then sell it, build it and sell it again until you level up.

You can also get coins fast by loading up your beach with every single habitat that you can place on it.
Just focus on the habitats which can hold a bunch of coins at a time.
In line with this, the grass habitat can hold way more than the fire habitat.

At the same time, you can also put your cross-bred animals into these habitats which will make them fill up with coins fast.

Meanwhile, you will also have to get new space in your habitat by clearing the bushes, brambles and other junk in your area
Besides, selling decorations can also make room and you can also get some coins

For further, you will also have to breed some animals to get rare and exotic animals in the habitat
You can learn the combinations to make a breeding, by checking the animal store and searching for the animals having two or more types.

Once you have known their types, you can breed them
At this point, some rarer animals will have the same combination types as the other ones
And, more common animals will show up far less often when you breed them.
So, just keep trying to breed them to get rarer species in this game

As usual, this game will come along with the premium currency in form of gems
In accordance with this, you will be able to get free gems by completing the quests.
After completing a block of achievements, you will earn some free gems.
Sometimes, those gems will usually pop up as random rewards in the game.
Thus, just save them up for anything necessary in this game


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