Gems Cheats Tinker Island Survival Adventure iPhone

Kongregate has a time management game called as Tinker Island Survival Adventure which is specifically dedicated to the ios and android devices

tinker island survival adventure walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be the leader of the other survivors and manage everyone’s individual skills then complete the tasks such as building a camp site and various structures which will give a shleter to your community

Every survivor here comes along with each skill where there are four categories such as explore or magnifying glass, forage or hand, build or hammer, and fight or sword.

So, these categories will be a key to perform an action in this game
Here, using suitable survivors will give the most efficient results.
If you want to use a survivor with high explore you will explore regions of the map so that you will get the result fast

Make sure to find a fishing spot by exploring a couple of areas
It is caused by this fishing will be the main source of food, so that your communities will last on it at all times.
Besides, this fishing spot will give you a bonus food from forage survivors

Gems are the premium currency that you can get by completing tasks and watching the advertisements
You can find white package in the bottom left corner of your camp site.
When seeing this, just tap that button to watch a 30 second advertisement for a gem bonus
In line with this, you can watch up to 10 advertisements daily

Building different buildings will grant you different effects for your survivors
For you to know that your bonfire will unlock new buildings for you to build.
Anyway, constructing such building may be a key to make fast progress in this game
For such reasons, it will be better if you prioritize to build that building

Besides, building water cisterns can increase all of your survivors skills into a certain amount.
Note that you must also upgrade that skills to get bigger bonus.
By upgrading that skills, your survivor can easily complete the tasks

You should also build tents and shelter to store space for your resources.
It is important to store food, wood, or in a safe place

On the other side, maps will also give your survivors a explore bonus to scout out new areas much more quickly

As said earlier, gems are the main income for your survivor to get specific things
In accordance with this, you can use gems to unlock some of the best survivors
So, if you want to get those gems at ease, make sure to complete achievements and watch the promotional videos
Moreover, if you connect a Kongregate account to social media, you will be granted with gems as reward.


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