Gems Cheats Tap Tap Trillionaire iPhone

Pixio has come to the apple store along with new endless clicker games called Tap Tap Trillionaire
Here, you will play an amazing endless clicker which can make you become the CEO of an investing firm

tap tap trillionaire walkthrough ios android

All your main objective here is to make money as much as possible, hire the best crew and become a true trillionaire.
Later on, you will get to upgrade your office

To generate money in automatic is to hire more staff
In line with this, you can also one and two star staff from the regular money grabs
You can switch them by tapping the staff member you want to replace and send them on a no pay leave, then you can take the better staff member there

In this game, every staff member comes along with a success percentage rate
According to this, if you have higher number of stars for the members, you will get better starting success percentage.

You can then improve this success rate with coins
So, just focus on these high star staff since you will get better chances to make more money.

Diamonds or gems is the premium currency of this game that you can get by completing achievements and from making money for the investor.

You can use those gems to unlock a premium character with 4 or 5 stars which will come with some sort of bonus skill to get you rich fast.

On the other side, you can purchase three types of stocks with your gems
Firstly, you can purchase regular stocks, which can go up and down like crazy and you can even get nice profits in terms of percentage

Secondly, you can get artifact, which allows you to win a lot of money if you buy and sell at the right time
Then, you can get bond, which you can use at the right time to make nice money on them.

The main basic to play this game is to buy low and sell high.
For such reasons, you must learn and know the usual prices for each type of share

During the trading moment, you can sell when you have a nice profit
As an illustration, try to sell the Cola shares when the price gets to $5 or $6 then try to invest those money in another company whose prices are at a minimum instead of waiting for the Cracka Cola shares to get to $7 then you can go for profits at all times to progress through the game fast.

Note that, do not sell for a loss unless you have a bad purchase when the prices are high, in which you can make a profit
Always consider to unlock new stock types in each category since they will take you to get profits in the long run
Plus, go to level them up to purchase more stocks.

Once collecting enough money in form of gems, you can purchase stuff for your office.
Some of these stuff will allow you to earn you passive money
Thus, try to upgrade your office with valuable stuff


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