Gems Cheats Party of Heroes iPhone

Party of Heroes from Kongregate is a free tactical RPG that you can play on the iOS and Android phones
Here, you will guide some heroes to battle with enemies for glory, gold coins and gems

party of heroes walkthrough ios android

Later on, you will also be assigned to upgrade your team to the maximum level and quest through tough battles, while collecting gold coins and gems at the same time.

In this game, you will be provided with a bunch of classes of heroes, from common to uncommon to rare to epic to legendary.

Once collecting some coins and gems through battle, be sure to save them up to get the best and rare heroes in the tavern
There, you will also be able to upgrade your rare heroes by sacrificing your common heroes

On the other side, you will also have to upgrade your mines that will make you get more coins
You can merely let them sit there and pile up for awhile, then you can get those coins later.

Sometimes, you will run out of space to put coins
For such reasons, you can upgrade the treasury that will make you hold more of them.
Be sure to upgrade other buildings for a variety of different results.

Also get other resources to level up your buildings
You can upgrade columns for the Hall of Heroes, so go to the campaign battles to find them.
Then, play campaign battles to find the random prizes

In the mean time, when seeing a resource that you need as a reward for mastery of a particular level, be sure to master that level to get the prize.

If you can get more gems for free, you can start with stage mastery
You can also get involved in the duel mode that you can do after passing a certain level in the campaign mode

When taking part in duel mode, you will get high rank if you can win it
With high rank you have, you will get best rewards

Always bring the potions, since they can be a big boost
These potions will be really useful when fighting against a tough boss character
Participating in the boss battle will be a good way to get gems and coins at the same time.


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