Gems Cheats My Derp iPhone

Again, Tapps has launched My Derp The Impossible Virtual Pet Game, you can play both on the iOS and Android platforms.

my derp walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will have to feed Derp well, healthy and clean then you can bring him into adulthood and to unlock secret shapes.

At this point, you can also play the super fun box minigame to earn coins that you can use to purchase food, medical supplies and several other items for survival

You must also protect him at all cost from a huge fire or a bug attack that will put Derp’s little life at risk all the time

On the other side, you must also avoid the spotted eggs as they will make your derp very sick and you must feed him with the best food like the cake, which costs 40 coins
This cake will restore both your heart meter and your hunger meter.

In line with this, always try to keep a good stash of coins around so that you can get anything you need to keep your derp in good health.

Be sure to get things right away whenever you need them, in which if you delay on getting the bug spray when mosquitoes are flying around Derp, he will be sicker and if you delay on purchasing the bucket of water when he is on fire, and he will just die faster.

As usual, this game will feature diamonds, as the premium currency
In order to get these diamonds, all you will do is to watch all of the advertisement videos that you want to until you have 20 diamonds or more.

Just watch videos every time you have a chance as this is a good way to get diamonds in this game for free

On the other side, after you see a bar to fill up all the way, you will unlock a bigger bank and start each game with more coins.

For such reasons, you can fill up the bar a number of times to have a chance to get more coins.
Getting more coins early on this game will make it easier to go for a longer time and gain a higher level.

Later on, every time you level up, you can unlock new forms of the derp
He will start off as a newborn derp, then he will turn into an infant, a toddler, a kid, a teen, a young adult, an adult and more forms.

At this point, the way to change him into new forms is to gain experience levels.
The more levels you gain, the more new forms of the derp you will unlock for later missions.


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