Gems Cheats LINE Wooparoo Saga Origin iPhone

Line Corporation has continue to make their newest game, called as LINE Wooparoo Saga Origin which you can download and play on ios and android devices

line wooparoo saga walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you must level up and evolve your wooparoo that you can do in many ways
Early on this game, you will have to complete daily quests that will be reset at midnight and giving you rewards such as gems
Be sure to claim the rewards before midnight or they will disappear then.

As usual, this game will feature currency in form of gems or diamonds
In order to get more rewards such as gems or diamonds, all you will do is to login the game regularly

To get them more, you can participate in many events
Here, if you can defeat the first boss, Ully and you will be rewarded with 20 Gems for free
Beating the second boss, Yeti will earn you 3 Friendship Summon Scrolls for free

If you want to get Friendship Summon Scroll, you can take part in world clear event
At this point, you must try to defeat the World first Boss, Treetem to get a Premium Summon Scroll that you can use to get a rare Wooparoo

Taking part in enhancement reward event will get you to collect entry tickets for a lucky draw each time you take an action for an enhancement.
At this phase, there will be 1100 players that will have a chance to win some prizes including 5 Premium Summon Scrolls and 500 Gems for free

Moreover, to get more gems for free, you can invite your friends to play this game
Every time, you invite this game, you will be granted with 20 Gems, 30 Gems to your collection

In this game, some rare wooparoos will get higher stat increases than regular Wooparoos when you can enhance them later on.
As an illustration, Rare Wooparoos will have +5% stat increase
And, Super Rare Wooparoos will get +10% stat increase

Always use food to level up and enhance Wooparoos into the most powerful one
In the way of getting mana orbs, you can sell Food at Storage

Then, to get more new Wooparoos, you can use the Gotcha features such as Premium and Friendly in LINE Wooparoo Saga.

Premium Gotcha will get you to use Gems to get a 4 to 7 star Wooparoo.
Meanwhile, Friendly Gotcha will get you to use Friendly Points to get Food or a 1 to 2 star Wooparoo.

For increasing more experience points, you can use booster items that you can get from Store, and you can activate them by using the item you get in your inbox.

Player EXP Booster and Wooparoo EXP Booster can increase the amount of EXP you will get.
Later on, you can use an EXP booster when you have one in which you can activate it that will extend the countdown timer of the booster.

Always consider that boosted time lost by using Booster Items before maintenance will not be compensated here.
In line with this, you must use it wisely and learn any of the duration of your Boosters.

On the other side, some booster Items that are active during emergency maintenance will not be compensated as well.
For such reasons, if you use more than one Booster at the same time, it will only extend the duration of the boost, and it is not the amount of experience points that is boosted at this point.


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