Gems Cheats Kingdom Clicker iPhone

Kingdom Clicker Tap, Mine, and Conquer by Game Analytics is a new clicker game, that you can play mainly on the ios platform

kingdom clicker walkthrough ios android

In this game, you can compete with your friends online in a PvP mode
In that mode, you will be able to mine a mountain for gold, set up a village full of buildings that you can collect from
And, you can also build a bank to keep collecting the resources

To play this game, you will be assigned to build up and manage your own empire.
In line with this, you can mine Gold to fuel the expansion of your empire
To mine the gold, all you will so is simply to tap the screen

In order to rack up more gold in this game, you will have to upgrade the growth per click option
If you can have this, you will earn more coins per tap and you can speed up the combo boost

Then, you can upgrade the max gold for click to increase the maximum combo
Just mix these with other upgrades to mine a bunch of gold from your long tapping combos.

Later on, it will be better to upgrade the bank size and the tax size
Upgrading the bank size will allow you to hold more coins
And, upgrading the tax size will allow the bank to fill up fast.
You will also get passive income and collectible bonuses from the town and all of the buildings in it.

When playing in the PvP mode, you can train up an army to defend your bank
At this point, be sure to train a good mix of swordsmen, archers and wizards to power up your bank from any incoming enemies in this game

As usual, this game will feature gems as the premium currency of this game
In order to get free gems, you can collect them from the buildings in your town
Sometimes, by tapping on the mountain, you can find them for free

Alternatively, you can get free gems by watching advertisement videos in the IAP store menu
Every single video that you have watched, you will get few gems as your rewards


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