Gems Cheats Jetpack Fighter iPhone

Jetpack Fighter from Hi-Rez Studios can be categorized into a new action RPG that you can play both on the iOS and Android platforms

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This game has come along with a unique battle system which will get you to swipe to dash-attack the enemies on the board

Along the game, all you will do is to fly through various levels, look for where the next enemy is, and you will have to upgrade your heroes and supply them with new weapons and armor.

In other words, you will guide a hero with a sword to endlessly dash through the air, slicing through enemies to get big combos, and getting involved in the boss battle for gems and other items

Anyway, this game is free-to-play, and you will be able to grab loot, get new characters, and craft items for your heroes.

To play this game, you will be served with two main swipes where you can attack enemies.
You will use the standard swipe and the charge swipe.

To use the charge swipe, you must hold your finger on the screen to charge, then swipe to unleash the fully-charged swipe.

Doing this will contribute more damage to enemies, burst through breakable walls
Besides, you will also deal with enemies which are doing a lot of damage to your hero
Therefore, you can use charge swipes to beat such enemies on the board

Later on, if you want to do quick damage to them, just try to swipe back and forth through them as fast as possible.
Applying such method will be a good way to beat the boss as this is super-fast swipes which can make huge damage toward enemies.

Coins and gems are the main currencies of this game that you can get in any other way
To get gold coins, just always check to open the two types of chests, the daily chest and the special chest

Opening the special chest will give you rarities such as equipment blueprints
And, opening the daily chest will usually give you coins or crafting items, which you can use to turn those blueprints into real pieces of equipment equipped for your heroes.

Gems can be said as the premium currency of the game which you can get for free, by going through the quests and achievements

There, just look for good quests to complete to get free gems
Once getting them, you can use to either purchase coins and stamina, or to restart a mission where you left off, so always consider to save them up for very tough levels.

Except gems, you will also be assigned to get disks, another pseudo-currency in the game
With such disks, you will be able to unlock new heroes as your collection.
Just consider to save the disks for higher-tier heroes, which will be stronger and faster.

In line with this, you can do the relay missions, where you can load up on the highest number of heroes in the game


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