Gems Cheats Inside Out Thought Bubbles iPhone

Disney has launched Inside Out Thought Bubbles on ios and android platforms in which this game is a kind bubble shooter game with a puzzle twister adapted from the newest Disney Pixar film, entitled Inside Out
Anyway, that movie is popular recently on cinemas

inside out thought bubbles wallkthrough ios android

In this game, you will play with Riley who is guided by her Emotions namely Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness where those emotions are living in Headquarters, that is in the control center inside Riley’s mind, and they will help advise her through her days.

In other words, your main objective here is to join Riley’s Emotions on a journey to match and sort memory bubbles
In the mean time, you will also travel through unique locations on the film such as Family Island, Dream Productions, Imagination Land and more.

Early on this game, you will usually go through levels where you will see multiple vertical tiers of bubbles there
To handle this, you must try to aim for the highest part that you can see.
In the mean time, you will also have to bank shots off of walls to angle your shots higher.

When doing so, try to pop a chain of bubbles connecting bubbles below, so that you will make all of them fall off that will also save yourself some moves, that will come to more points to earn

Here, every emotion will have a special power that charges up when you pop thought bubbles matching up their color.

At this point, Joy’s special power will be a super joy bubble.
Wherever it lands, it can change nearby thought bubbles into joy bubbles
In line with this, you must try to search for weak links in chains having nearby joy bubbles.

You can also try to place a joy shot carefully to take out an entire section of bubbles
Moreover, placing all of the emotion’s powers as a joy shot will be good as they are special shots that spread their emotion to other bubbles.

Later on, before doing your best shot, you must learn the layout of the thought bubbles.
According to this, you must try to watch on specific openings in the chains
Keep in mind that any bubbles which are not connected to another bubble going upward will fall down once they lose their link.
For such reasons, you must pop as many bubbles as you can with single shots to get high scores.

On the other side, some power ups in this game will really help you accomplish each level
In order to get those power ups for free, you can simply watch advertisement videos.
If you want to get them fast, you must spend your gems for few power ups

As usual, this game will feature currency in form of gems
Always pay attention toward what above descriptions said to level up from one level to another

Once you can complete each level successfully, you will be granted with gems or diamonds as your achievement reward
Plus, completing every level in this game will increase your score and you will also be rewarded with stars that will level up your character

In addition, your score will be measured with accuracy and precision rather than speed.
In accordance with this, you must try to aim for the objective that you can do by using as little moves as possible
If you can do so well, you will get a score bonus at the end based on how many moves you have left over in the levels.


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