Gems Cheats Infinite Myths 2 Crush iPhone

After launching the first series Infinite Myths game few month ago, Jame Carlay has now just come to the apple store along with his new debut called Infinite Myths 2, an epic card battling game

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Here, you will likely have to build the ultimate deck with your best cards then go to battle with enemies online

When battling with them, your opponent can be defeated by one of two ways
Firstly, you can destroy all of their cards
Secondly, you can bring down their HP to zero point.

Always remember to cover your weak spots while attacking their openings.
If your rival is like to beat your cards, you can mix it up too
And, if you have got cards on both sides fighting each other, you can put a card down where they have an opening.
Anyway, your card will attack your opponent directly if you see there is no card on the other side

Try to get protector cards in your deck, as they will give you abilities named as Taunt
This ability forces all currently played opponent cards on the board to attack the protector card, and they can deliver big damage combos.

You can use your protector card soak up all the damage while your assassins do work in open lanes so that you can help your priest cards heal your team.

To enhance your cards, you can sacrifice extra cards to power up a base card.
By leveling up your cards, they will gain new abilities as they reach certain levels.
Great Statue as your starting protector card will learn Ice Shield, as a damage reduction ability at level five.
Having this increases his defenses and allows him to last longer on the combat.

Along the game, you will also be able to get gold as the online reward
Every ten minutes, a gradual increase of five minutes per collect and every time you collect it you will get 10,000 gold and 10 gems for free.

Every hero has a signature ability that can be used in your turn but it has a limited amount of charges.
So save them for critical situation only
The Night God as one of the starting heroes, will give you the ability to heal the weakest member on your team.
You ca use this if played in conjunction with a protector card.

As usual, gems or diamonds are the premium currency of this game
In order to get gems or diamonds in this game, you will have to complete quests or tasks, such as clear a number of stages or bring your BR or battle rank up to a certain level.
Thus, try to find and complete all given quest that will give you more bonus reward


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