Gems Cheats in Tap Quest Gate Keeper iPhone

Tap Quest: Gate Keeper from Nanoo Company is a kind of a combination of a tapping game and a tower defense game that you can play on ios and android devices.

tap quest gate keeper walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to stop a incoming enemies from reaching your gate and busting it open.

If those enemies can reach your gate, the Dragon will awaken, so it is the time to use all sorts of upgrades and power ups to stop them to reach the gate.

To play this game, you will simply tap to the left side of the screen to move laughed and attacked left In the mean time, you can also tap on the right side of the screen to tap right.

In line with this, you can use your left thumb and move both forms over to one side of the screen to quickly move through a line of incoming enemies.

Along the game, you will also be able to get gold coins by defeating many enemies in each stage
So, once seeing the appear, just pick up them up as if you do not pick them, they will disappear and you will not have them.

Also, if you see a power up in the level, go hurry to pick it up as well.
Anyway, you only have a limited number of slots that can hold power ups at any one time
Therefore, make sure to use them especially on around eight through 10 since these level seems to be the toughest one to take out.

Once getting these gold coins, you must save them for keeping your fairy and your tower upgraded, since they will attack any incoming enemies automatically.

Upgrading the tower will make it powerful as it will contribute more damage to enemies.
Your fairy and your tower can even shoot enemies in out of your reach
Having them upgraded well will give you an advantage when you are far away from the gate and an enemy has reached it.

During performing you action combating enemies, you will use one life every time that you play
Sometimes, you may run out of it that will get you to wait for it to come back within time period

For such reasons, if you want to get all of your lives back quickly, you can do time lapse trick
At this point, just set the time ahead in your date and time settings on your phone.
Try to set it by an hour or two.
Afterward, you can then go back to the game, and you will get all of your lives still there.

As usual, this game will feature gem as the premium currency
In order to collect more gems for free, all you will have to do is to complete all the quests
So, just try to complete all quests available on daily basis to get more gems that you can use to purchase a rare chest.

Having these chest will give you the most powerful weapons, armor, and helmets, that can give you big bonuses for your attack as well as your fairy and your tower’s attack power and speed.

If you get the coin chest, just save those to be used at a higher station in the game
Since you are at the higher level, you will get a chance to get more rare equipment


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