Gems Cheats in Tap Adventure iPhone

Tap Adventure from Avallon Alliance can be included into a new tapping RPG that you can play mainly on the ios devices

tap adventure walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will guide a hero to go through a forest that is full of a amount of monsters, loading up with teammates and power ups

During there, you will fight against them in that you will end up doing trillions in damage, that will earn you a bunch of coins form them

When questing, be sure to use more than one finger to tap the screen at a time.
If you can do so, you will quickly earn more coins and complete each mission for gems, the premium currency of this game

Once collecting gems and coins through some stages, you can use them on the heroes and their DPS upgrades so that you can tap fast and it will much easier beat the boss characters
If you have more DPS and higher level when you close the game, you will still get more coins when dealing with boss characters in this game

On the other side, your defenders will die after taking enough damage from enemies.
To revive them quickly you can use gems or you can wait them as they come back on their own after a few minutes.

But, if you are in the middle in the boss battle, be sure to use gems to revive them fast that will help you a lot in that moment
In the mean time, if you can beat the boss, you will get more gems as the boss chests often contain gems.

Generally, you will be granted with a bunch of gems if you can beat the boss in this game
In line with this, you can also get gems for free by connecting the game to Facebook
Also, you can share from the game onto your Twitter feed to earn free gems.

Meanwhile, it will highly be recommended to get some health upgrades for your unit, since these health upgrades will power up them when battling with enemies in a quest


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