Gems Cheats in Rise of the Orcs iPhone

Like Zhang has delivered nice thrilling pvp game that is wrapped in Rise of the Orcs where you can mix and match unit combinations to be the most powerful army then develop your own unique strategies to beat enemies for resources mainly gems, as the main currency of this game.

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Along the game, you will have to control your heroes and use their special skills at the right moment to defeat all villains and destroy the enemy city for collecting more resources

Besides, you must also protect your base with any mean necessary
To get the best defense and offense along the game, be sure to train your army ans specialize your unit types during battle so that they can adapt the strategy against evolving enemies.

Anyway, playing this game is all about to upgrade your heroes, train your troops, loot items, and activate unique packs
Meanwhile, you will be assigned to plan your strategy, and build your own unique army well.

Except gems, this game also takes coins and the main currency where you can get them during pvp battle against the other players online
If you need some coins, you can sell items that you do not need them anymore
Moreover, you can try to play in endless challenge that will give you a chance of getting more coins for free

Always remember to get the alert of new enemies showing up on the right side.
You can also recruit more heroes when you reach further levels
Using Grax will be handy at certain stages

When getting involved in the battle with enemies, your archers are weak to Heavy armored units or shield equipped units.
And, you can also invoke additional strength that you can do by activating different suits for your units and heroes.

Also notice that different colors from items stand for their values
You can collect some items through dungeon adventure in which it will also give you some rare rewards

Once making some progresses through the game, you must upgrade your camp to build a larger army so that you can get faster resource generation
On the other side, be sure to activate different packs by mixing some items to get additional power up that will be useful for your heroes

This game also require stamina that you will need to do your actions
Here, replaying the same level will take your stamina in which you will have to do actions that are necessary only
In the way of getting gems, you may take some promotional offers while you are playing this game


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