Gems Cheats in Me Girl Love Story iPhone

Frenzoo has introduced a fresh dating game, packed in Me Girl Love Story The Free 3D Dating & Fashion Game, in which this game mixes mini games with dating super guys, where you can build up your reputation and wardrobe and having fun.

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At the beginning of the game, you may learn the topics related to your dates
At this point, you can use your logic as some options are pretty much obvious
When things are not that obvious, you can merely choose a random topic and see the reaction.

On the other side, you will also see a ranking system here
As an illustration, in the Mechanic’s case, even if he enjoys talking about both Cars and TV Shows, if both options are available, he will like cars.
In line with this, be sure to focus on what they like the most
Also, you can select the best option to master the flirting

In order to increase your progress when flirting, be sure to wear something different and unique.
You will be able to gain high score by wearing better wardrobe items and accessories, so that it will lead you go up the meter fast.
Moreover, you can wear the absolute best items to increase the overall score.

Like playing in a matching three games, you will be given with few number of moves and three staring them will be really difficult to gain.
Meanwhile, just focus on creating longer matches four and above so that you can unlock the special tiles that will explode and clear most of the board.
Sometimes, you will need to replay each board few times in order to get the three stars.

Later on, you will go through the quests one at a time
At this point, you can try to start with the easiest ones such as the guys with the lowest style rating
In the mean time, you can work your way up while unlocking new wardrobe items.

Furthermore, you can also craft the characters that you need with requirements for all the guys in the game.
As usual, this game will feature gems as the premium currency where you should get it to purchase any valuable items for your character
To collect these gems, you can complete all given quests
And, each time you successfully have a good date, you may be rewarded with gems


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