Gems Cheats in Mage and Minions Android

Mage & Minions is developed by Making Fun which offers a new MMORPG for the iOS and Android phone. This game is seemingly adapted form a bit of action to the MMO formula, where you will be able to use a wide variety of special moves to beat a bunch of enemies at the same time.

mage and minions strategy guides ios android

At the beginning of the game, just try to figure out where you are going next by following the arrow.
Here, the arrow points will guide you to where you need to go in order to find the goal
In line with this, try to venture out a little bit as you will find things that are unexpected more often.
At the same time, you will find treasure chests every so often, offering you such things as equipment, gems, and gold.

Later on, you will be served with a massive amount of equipment slots for your character then fill them as soon as possible, but you will often have equipment imbalances
For example 15 different weapons and no capes or boots, so you can use crafting to fix this.
Just try to combine three items that you do not need and select a type of equipment that you want or that you do not have.

If you have more powerful equipment that you can sacrifice, you will have better item that you end up getting out of it.
Here, the level of your equipment is determined by the number that sits in the middle of the picture
Thus, if you are in higher level of the equipment that you use as a part of the craft, you will have better equipment that you will get out of it and the higher its level will be.

On the other side, your abilities will have a cooldown time, but it is rarely going that long, so you must use the abilities as often as you can to the point that they will stay effective.
Meanwhile, most of them are especially effective against large groups of enemies, so you have to use them when you get swarmed to make life a lot easier.
Anyway, if you are still getting too swarmed, just do a hit and run strategy, then bolt until you can recharge them, and you can jump in and attack again.

In order to earn more stars and to farm for gold, apples, and potions, all you will have to do is to go back to old stages and replay it for few times.
In addition, apples and potions here will both restore your life mid battle, so make sure to stockpile them for tough battles, especially when you are going to battle against bosses of this game.


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