Gems Cheats in Loot Raiders iPhone

Loot Raiders is kind of a new RPG, which is very text-driven, in which if it is seen form the gameplay this can remind old school gamers to some games made in 8-bit and 16-bit first person RPGs with the text in Eye of the Beholder or Sword of Vermillion.

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Playing this game will get you to conquer distant lands, hoard the most epic loot ever seen
Meanwhile, you will be prompted to build a formidable force of fighters to do your every bidding

At the beginning of the game, you will be assigned to make a name for yourself by completing dangerous quests, maiming malicious monsters, earning exceptional equipment, as well as accumulating an obscene amount of wealth.

Later on this game, after having each quest that you play, you will be able to earn loot.
Here, just tap the “compare” button to check the stats of the loot that you have just earned compared to the loot that you have already equipped such as weapons, shields, etc.
If it is weaker, you can then sell it.
But, if it is stronger, you can then equip it.
Typically stuff with a colored background will be stronger or rarer.

This game serves the shop area where it is a great place to sell unwanted equipment because you can auction it off
It means that you will be able to earn a whole lot of money off of it if it is rare one.
If it is not rare or particularly desirable, you can then still expect to see more money from this area than you would from simply selling it back to the game.

Anyway, when purchasing equipment in the shop, you have to search by what type and level of item you are searching for.
Here, you can always scroll through the different pieces of equipment to see the various rarities.

Blue is rare
Purple is epic
Orange is legendary
Red is fabled

Along the game, make sure to select a mission based on how long you plan to currently continue playing this game.

In line with this, if you want to go to bed, you can select mission that takes 8 hours or some other long period of time to accomplish
Thus when you wake up, you will get a whole bunch of loot and experience points and gold as your bonus reward.
On the other side, if you play this game actively, you can then try to pick the missions which complete instantly, or as close to instantly as possible.

In addition, always consider to what levels you unlock new equipment slots at, so that you will not fall behind on your equipment loadout.
Mix-and-match a virtually endless amount of loot so that you will be able to make a party of Raiders in unique ones.


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