Gems Cheats in Legend Borne iPhone

DeNa has just launched their newest base management strategy game which is named as Legend Borne which is specially made for the ios and android devices

legend borne walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to build your kingdoms and send your units to battle for resources gems, essence, etc and glory

Early on the game, you will be tasked to complete the quests, a way to earn Essence
This essence will really be useful to upgrade your heroes and units.

In the quest, you will have to perform a small task, such as collecting enough of a resource, building a structure, etc.

On the other side, you will be assigned to construct buildings in that the buildings will not finish on their own.
After a building time is completed, you can enter the game and tap on the building to complete it.

Here, all units will come along with a favorite target listed in their unit description.
In line with this, you must pay attention to it, since it will enable you to know where your troops will move during in the battlefield

In accordance with this, your troops will always try to go after their own enemies
Elven Archers will usually go after the hero targets of the enemies.
And, Peasants will always target resource buildings.

So, if you send them in at the start of a base siege, they may go to the wall trying to get to the resource building behind it.
When seeing this, be very careful about who you deploy and when you do it.

Meanwhile, you must also think to build defenses on both sides
During the game, you can also move and build structures on the inside of the Gate Tower.
Make sure not to keep all of your towers on the outside
Try to have some on the inside as well to throw any would-be invaders off.

Gems here will be the premium currency of this game
Early on the game, you will start with two building slots.
To get third slots, you will have to purchase it with a steep 400 gems to unlock it

At this point, you can build a Gem Mine which can produce gems at a very slow rate In order to get it produced fast, you must do some upgrades to that building
At level 1, the gem mine will produce 2 gems hourly, and it can hold up to 10 gems at the same time.

As making some progresses through the game, you will uncover more of the map, and you will reveal a summoning shrine that can be used to increase a unit to your reserves fast.
And, these shrines can handle up to three units at once
Moreover, they will refill with new units over time.

Having such shrines will be great for bolstering your numbers
Sometimes, you may summon a unit which you have never seen before.

Later on, you will get a chance to join a fight in the Legend Arena with your upgraded units
There, you will invade other players’ bases for resources and honor points which can be useful to get the most powerful heroes known as Legends.

When being in the Legend Arena, you will be allowed to get very few honor points initially
Then, in each victory, you will earn a win streak which will multiply the amount of honor points you get from your next victory there.

In addition, taking part in that arena will increase your experience and level for your units
Besides, you may get few gems if you can get your victory in that arena
Thus, if you want to get gems for free, make sure to get your units trained well before going to that arena

Perhaps, the developer may allow you to get gems by watching the promotional videos
If that option is available during the game, you can go hurry to take this opportunity since it will be your primarily way to get gems at ease and free


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