Gems Cheats in Kingpin Billionaire iPhone

Kingpin Billionaire The Adventure of Clicker Game & Virtual Tap to Make Money is also known as Kingpin Clicker, or a new clicker game which has been developed by Huy Le specially designed for the iOS device

kingpin billionaire walkthrough ios android

All you will do in this game is to try to tap on the face as fast as possible to get as many dots as you can, which is useful to purchase upgrades
You can then use said upgrades to get even more dots.

In related to the upgrades, you must get the finger upgrades, since these will change the amount which you will get per click that you make.
Also, try to get the CPS upgrades which will make you get dots without tapping

In accordance with this, you can earn a lot of dots while you are not playing though, that you can do by setting your phone which will make the screen never go into hibernation mode
At this point, just plug it into a charger, and leave the game open for a long time
By doing so, you will get a ton of dots this way.

In the mean time, always make sure that your CPS upgrades are upgraded as highly as you can before doing this for extra effect.

Later on, you must tap the third menu from the left to upgrade the offline earnings capacity and speed.
And, you will continue to go to the fifth menu from the left to gather up all of the dots which you build up over time.
If you can do it well, you will get a higher upgrade capacity than the standard Upgrade CPS earnings do

Sometimes, you will get a pop up which allows you to either multi-tap or increases tap income by x150 times.
Here, if you get the first one, you will merely tap it with as many fingers as possible
And, if you get the second one, just accept it, or tap the button saying double it for free to watch an ad video to get the multiplier to x300 in exchange.
Note that doing this will only last for ten seconds whereby you must use it wisely.

After using these bonuses, go hurry to go back to the finger upgrade to purchase as many of them as you can.
Once doing that, make sure to tap to get your dot earnings back up again then go back to the other upgrade menus to work on those ones until you get what you want

In addition, gems can be said the premium currency of this game that you can get in any other ways
Basically, each time, you have successfully completed a level, you will be granted with gems for free
Anyway, you may get these gems by watching the advertisement videos which usually pop up when you have accomplished some rounds
So, you can use that way to earn gems as much as you want


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