Gems Cheats in Jack & Jack Vines Puzzle Game iPhone

SkyVu Entertainment has a new three-tiered puzzle game, Jack & Jack Vines Puzzle Game which is specifically designed for the iOS platform
Anyway, this game is based on Jack & Jack Vines, a popular Vine channel.

jack n jack vines puzzle game walkthrough ios android

Similar to a matching game and an speed-organization game, a LINE Disney Tsum Tsum-esque drag and swipe puzzle game, in which all three of these can unlock various other goodies, like pictures of the two Jacks.

In this game, you will also be tasked to rack up your score that you can do іn Challenge Modes
Besides, you can use Goat’s Mounty tο double уουr score.
Also, you can gather up high scores that you can use tο unlock rare photos іn thе Vine Yard and sollect them more frοm Jack & Jack’s family tree collections

Meanwhile, the score that you have earned in any of the three games will go toward unlocking new pictures and other goodies.
Here, you can simply go to the Vine Land area located at the right of the game area, so that you can see what you have unlocked and how many feet left before you can unlock the next one.

As usual, this game will really need energy or lives to perform any action
If you run out of lives in this game, you can regenerate it instantly by doing time lapse trick
In line with this, just go to the date and times settings on your phone, then set the time ahead by 20 minutes for each energy that you want to restore, or you can change the time for the next 200 minutes to get 10 hearts or lives.

Afterward, be sure to set the time right back to normal, then go back to the game to check that all of the free lives you have just gained will still be there.
Alternatively, you can also watch videos tο earn more lives

Later on, you are able to play for an unlimited amount of time without keeping the time in a weird position or losing all of your energy when trying to normalize the time.

This game also takes gems as the premium currency that you can get for free or you can purchase them on the iap store

In order to get some gems for free, just go to the in app purchase store and scroll down past the purchase options
There, you will see the free gems option in which you will be assigned to watch a promotional video to earn some free gems.
By watching videos, you will be rewarded with 100 gems, which is enough for a full energy refill without having to ask Facebook friends.

In addition, Jack in the Box will be the most difficult game here
And, you can learn this first by looking at the hair color immediately then tap based on the hair color
You can do this if you are not familiar with the vines of the two.

On the other side, if you see the fruit boxes start popping up it will get really dicey
To deal with this, you can try to use more than two fingers in one time to speed things up immensely.


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