Gems Cheats in Island Experiment iPhone

Island Experiment will bring you in the old city building or exploration games for ios and android, such as FrontierVille and Ravenwood Fair game on Facebook.

island experiment gameplay walkthrough ios android

Throughout the game, you will be assigned to accomplish your main goal that is to search through the island that the scientists were doing illegal experiments on
During in your mission there, all you will have to do is to see what you can find, and make it to all of the hidden places, as well as finding treasures and collecting coins and gems as you go.

In this game, you should make sure that your scientists have the ability to grow as much food as you can.
Here, food is your “energy” in this game so if you run out of food, you will not be able to do anything except grow more food.
In line with this, you have to build as many fields as you can in order to grow as much food as you can
Afterward, you can upgrade them so that you can grow more food at a time.

When doing that action, it will take longer to grow longer batches of food.
For such reasons, always make sure that you have a batch of crops going whenever you are about to close the game.
If you have higher level of your fields, you will be able to set longer jobs.
At this point, you can set the short jobs when you are playing the game actively so that you can grow as much food per minute as possible.

Along the game, you will be assigned to gather up gold coins and gems
Therefore, in the way of earning more coins, experience points and other goods, you have to complete every given quest in this game
Completing this will also give you more experience points, so complete the quests in order to go to the next quest in the game.
Later o, if you gain more experience levels, you will unlock more different buildings and you can go to the farther up in the island.
Also, you are able to build more of each building and other object and fields.

Gems are the main currencies of this game
Anyway, if you wan to get some free gems, you can simply log into Facebook, that come to a task that will earn you three gems.
Furthermore, each level you gain will also come to some free gems.
So just check all of the popping up quests, as some of them will come to you for having some free gems as a bonus.

Alternatively, a great way to earn free gems as well as other prizes and other goods is from some achievements that you have got along the game.
In order to access the achievements menu button, just go to the trophy icon and see what you can complete, and collect the rewards from the ones that you have completed in this game.


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