Gems Cheats in Hunger Quest iPhone

Hunger Quest from NHN PlayArt Corporation is a kind of a new block-breaking puzzle RPG that is specifically designed for the iOS and Android devices

hunger quest walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will guide your character to go into dungeons then rescue people and complete quests, as well as collecting coins and magic gems in during there.

When being in the dungeon, always think to any move you will make and be sure to gather up all of the items there
The item like potions will be important as they will restore your health when you use them
Also, getting doughnuts are rather self-explanatory.

In the mean time, you must also collect new weapons and other equipment to increase your attack or other stats when equipping them.

After getting some items, you will need to forge them.
At this point, just go to the wish list button and enable the wish list for that item.
There, you will be guided to where you need to go and what dungeon you need to go to get the items that you need to complete your chosen weapon.

On the other side, always remember to gather up all of the rewards in your journey
Those rewards can sometimes be a little bit in the background and it gets easy to ignore them.

Along the game, you will need to plan it out to do as much damage to each enemy there
In accordance with this, you must get close to the exit quickly, and make it far without running out of health or doughnuts.
Doing all of this will be extremely necessary as when the dynamite starts coming up after a certain amount of moves, it will blow up and hurt you as well.

As usual, this game will feature silver and gold for books of mastery.
Basically, just wait until you have the 5,000 gold coins to get the gold book of mastery containing rare jobs for you.
Rare job classes will grant you far better stats such as attack, health and doughnuts than the common job classes will.
Just try to get a repeat job class, as it will power up the one that you already have.

In order to get some coins for free in this game, you can sell any precious donut that you get, such as the silver, gold or platinum doughnuts.
With these coins, you will be able to purchase a whole lot of mastery books then use them right.

In addition, gems can be said as the premium currency of this game that you must get either purchasing from iap store or completing any specific quests given in this game
For such reasons, you must always try to complete every given quest and win each battle with enemies for having more gems


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