Gems Cheats in Help Me Jack Android

NHN Entertainment Corp goes out to android while bringing its newest game, Help Me Jack that will allow you to select the Precision Shooter, or the Chaos Blade Warrior to beat mutated animals and rescue humanity as well

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In related to the story of this game, the nuclear fallout has irradiated the world that has created mutants to take over the world.
Here, you will play as Jack, the super hero squad who will rescue the world from this space-traveling mutant creatures.

Along your journey, you will be assigned to discover secret passageways with keys and bombs because you find humans locked away in every sector

In protecting your squad and surviving in this nuclear adventure, you have to build a sci-fi headquarters to help you in unlocking new skills, making research new technologies, as well as upgrading your equipment.

Throughout the game, you will get to explore the lost cities of the Earth while fighting against the monsters capturing humans.
Uniquely customize your skills across multiple classes and upgrade your weapons and armor into the ultimate blade or laser rifle.

You will also have the objective to figure out what has caused these genetic animal enemies, and why they get humans, then you have to think about how to rescue humanity’s scientific legacy.
Along the game, you will be equipped with your various weapons then send your partners forward into battle with some foes
At the same time, you will also have to gather up your team of scientists and doctors to rebuild the destroyed planet.

Later on, in order to upgrade your items, reactor is the essential one to do it
And, if you do not have enough output, you can borrow some from your friends.

When being on the stages, you should rescue lab specialists who can conduct research at the reactor in which the output will increase every time you have accomplished a stage
You can have the maximum reactor level in 80, and the level cap of specialists will increase along with the reactor level
In this game, PEB is an important resource that you can use to enhance and refine at the reactor
For further, in order to to play in the next zone, you have to raise the plasma reactor’s level.

In the battlefield, you can take up to two partners and they can only join a battle for a limited time, and they take some time to recharge
Through partner recruitment, you will get rare partners that you cannot find in a stage
Anyway, your partners have various skills, and you will need them on some stages with particular skills
On the other side, your partners will disappear when you send them for hunting, but they will also send you items via mail which can be identified by a Scholar.

Meanwhile, you can also upgrade an item to +10 that you can do in An Armorer
Plus, you will also get more EXP when enhancing an item in which a Tinker‘s level must be high first.

Then, you are able to identify higher-grade items, when a Scholar’s level is high.
Besides, you can also craft better potions when a Doctor’s level is high.

In addition, gems are the premium currency of this game and you will be able to get them after completing each stage

Alternatively, if you want to get extra gems for free and instantly, you can try to use any hex editor then change the value of HEX Dword to any amount that you desire.


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