Gems Cheats in Century City iPhone

Century City from Pine Entertainment is a kind of a clicking game where you will be able to mine for gold and money then build your city into the largest one.

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When mining gold in this game, you will play a mini game that will increase the amount of gold production
Anyway, you can skip those if you have gems, or you can skip them for free by watching promotional ads in this game.

In the way of collecting a bunch of money for your next big upgrade, you can watch promotional videos that will earn you money or gems
If you cannot find the ad videos, then simply stop mining and play the waiting game as you will still earn money even if you do not tap when in the city view
And, you will also get the chopper relatively often to give you some extra.
You can keep doing this when you are reaching your target gold.

Once getting enough gems, be sure to do some upgrades
Just go to the menu and purchase whatever you have unlocked
It is caused by all upgrades will give you advantage and they will earn you more money in the long run.

On the other side, if you want to get more gold for free, you can go for an easy trick
First, turn off the auto-sleep option on your device, then plug it in and let the game run in the city mode.
Doing so will earn you a bunch of money
And, you can easily do this while sleeping to maximize revenue.

Also, the investment buildings will give you money when being in offline mode
In line with this, just look for an icon above the building, tap and hold it to get your reward.
Sometimes, it will go for other mini games unlocked by the structures in your city
So, just tap and hold the icons to activate them and get reward

In addition, you can also get gems for free by visiting friends or random people
When being in the city mode, just tap the face icon in the upper right side of the screen and choose to visit a friend once per 24 hours.
You can keep doing this as you will be granted with free Gems that you can use to grow your city into a metropolis one.


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