Gems Cheats in Cars Fast as Lightning Android

Gameloft and Disney have launched their newest game named as Cars: Fast as Lightning in which this game is a new racing and city-building game for the iOS, Android and Windows as well.

cars fast as lightning strategy guides

In this game, you will be able to play as a brand new car who has happened upon Radiator Springs
Anyway, like your hero Lightning McQueen, you will be given with the main goal that is to work your way up to being the number one racer in the town
In line with this, you have to beat everyone from Mater to Lightning yourself.

Playing this game is pretty simple as you will simply have one-touch method of gameplay.
Here, you will simply tap and hold the gas pedal about a quarter second
You have to do this action before the race begins in order to get the optimal speed, as opposed to spinning out.
At this point, just hold the gas pedal except in the tight turns, when you let go, then put your finger on the gas once again.

For further, other parts of the stage will get you to take your finger off as well, such as a jump.
According to this line, you can try to take your finger off before the jump, then put your finger back on the gas immediately before you land on track.
Meanwhile, you can also take your finger off when going into an extremely tight corner
At the same time, you will be able to do a trick, such as grinding the rail.
Afterwards, put your finger back on in the middle of a green circle to get a free speed boost.

After going through some stages, you will earn some coins
With these coins, you can purchase stuff to customize your car
And, you are able to get coins you have to collect from the buildings in Radiator Springs.

Thus, just try to build as many coin-producing buildings as you can possibly fit in the city
It is caused by, no matter how much money you put into it, you will still make it back really quickly with all of the coin collecting.

You can also use your coins to tune up your racer.
In the mean time, you will only have one single way to upgrade your car, in which you can do this by going to the garage and giving your car a tune up as high as possible.

Doing this will need a few minutes to finish
So do not even try to spend your gems on speeding that up as it is not a long time at all.
Otherwise, just wait it out, then if you have the coins to do so, upgrade it yet again.
As a result, if you have higher level on the upgrade, it will be great for your stat.

In addition, if you want to gain some experience and some extra coins, just race and race endlessly until you run out of gas.
At the same time, you can also spend on tune ups until you have no more coins left, unless you want to try to save them for future purchases of other cars or characters in this game.


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