Gems Cheats in Blood & Glory Immortals iPhone

Glu Games will let you to be a legendary hero to rescue the ancient world from vengeful Gods in their newest game, Blood & Glory Immortals that is a kind of fresh immersive Action-RPG designed for ios and android platforms.

blood and glory immortals walkthrough ios android

At the beginning of the game, your Active Skills and Passive Skills will have different levels of power so that you have to upgrade to maximize your characters into the most powerful one.
Also, make sure to upgrade your skills in that honed skills are important to beat your foes.

Here, relics are kind of powerful totems you can use to increase Donation Points.
You can level up your Heroes through side and daily quests.

You can also find better gear by replaying a level multiple times and you can also get special rewards in form of gems by logging this game regularly
Item Sets in this game are the combination of armor and weapon that will earn you powerful bonuses.

In this game, the gear will be categorized into 5 types namely Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.
You can try to increase your Gear Score in order to take on more challenging enemies and bosses.
Gear Score or GS in this game will be a piece of equipment’s total power.
You will need a certain Gear Score in order to play some missions.
You can also filter your Gear type with the icons along the top of the Inventory Screen.

Later on, medallions will have 5 Tiers of both Rarity and Power.
Equipping Medallions will provide you an edge when playing the Beast Slayer Events.

On the other side, you can play the Beast Slayer Event where you have to defeat unique and rare monsters that will come to more special rewards.
Then, you can combine spirits of the same type to create an even more powerful spirit.
You can try to equip spirits to do extra damage to monsters and defend against their elemental attacks.
And, you can also fuse or evolve some items to increase their power.

Your hero will be equipped with active skills in that they have a cooldown once you have used the to fight against enemies.

The Gladiator’s Blade Storm skill and the Warlock’s Mind Blast skill will do more damage if you repeatedly tap the button.

Furthermore, you can join in some events in that you will need Energy to do this and your energy will regenerate over time, or, you can visit the Store to get more energy to continue playing in events.

You can also join guilds, self-organizing groups of players who share a common goal in that you will be prompted to have a certain Gear Score.
Once taking part in one guild, you should then level up your Guild to provide you and other guild members access to better special tribute.

At this point, leveling up your Guild will allow more members to join and unlock better Guild rewards.
Also, you can get Guild Tribute Tokens by playing the game in which you can use them to spin the Guild special tribute.

At this point, guild members will have specific roles, but only one player that can be the Guild Leader.
Each guild member can contribute Relics and Soft Currency to the Guild to increase Donation Points.
You can then unlock Legendary Mode to get greater challenge that will come to more gems to get.


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